Narrative Theatre invites you for the improvised theatre self-therapy classes with Mikhail Paykin, every Monday at 10:30 and performance practice at 19:00.

Have you ever tried to distance yourself from your emotions – looking at them from a side, from above, front, behind?

Narrative theatre employs that one creates a distance and /or dissociate from the emotions by re-imagining and re-narrating the story.
Narrative theater

It suggests that the performance of re-narrating the story can deconstruct the emotions and make one the creator/writer/director of her/his own ‘play’.

Would you be willing to discover what happens when you re-narrate your story?

Than please join us- stand on the ‘stage’, perform your story!

Anyone who is interested please write to us on our Facebook page or contact us: +995 598 88 13 68 (Telegram, WhatsApp).

Address: Abano 13, Tbilisi, Georgia
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So that the story of our life told in the Narrative Theater becomes truly healing and transformative for us

We do relaxation exercises
Aimed at eliminating
body blocks
Voice clips
Habits of devaluing yourself
On release
From shame, fear and guilt
for the development of fantasy and freedom of expression
We also practice the acquired skills.
In performances of improvisation in front of the audience

We also study
Laws of composition
Holding the audience’s attention
And methods of art therapy
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Be an actor and a spectator at the same time.
Create the narratives of your life
Ask and play topics that excite you.

In our interactive theater, transformation and personal development awaits you.

become a more free and liberated person, through the game and watching the theater.

Free yourself from self-sabotage and self-criticism.

You will be filled with creative energy and motivation to act.

Eliminate the causes of fatigue and burnout.

you will master techniques that will help you enter the flow of creativity in which you will act successfully and easily and play to achieve your goals without doubts and self-denial.

Narrative theater

1. Theater of oneself.

Accept your current situation and figure out where you want to go
Reveal the natural organics.
relax and deepen the volume of your voice.
Remove voice and body clips.

2. Samurai theater.

You will pump the low notes of the voice.
Unleash the power of leadership.
You will create a team.
You will develop will, determination, strength. Increase your influence.

3. Theater of love

You will become a person next to whom people will feel love and comfort.
Let go of past grudges that prevented you from moving forward. Expand the depth and warmth of your voice.

Narrative theater
4. People’s theater.
Connect your inner Ivan the Fool with Ivan the Wise.
Develop a talent for storytelling. learn to create paradoxes and metaphors

5. Detective theater
Pump logic rhetoric
Persuasiveness, confidence and argumentation.

6. Theater of space.
You will learn
Interact with the outer space of the stage, as with something alive.
connect with the energy of the room. with the energy of the world. With myself.

7. Divine theater
Communicate with higher intelligence. Or with aliens.
(It’s pretend we’re just playing)
Connect to the flow of inspiration

8. Earth theater
Awaken primitive, archaic feelings. Show them with pleasure. unleash violent feelings, passion and personal magic
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9. Shakespeare theater.
You will develop neural connections and fluency of speech.
You can speak in verse. You become a poet. Expand your personality.

10. Metaphorical theater.
You will learn
Juggling with images and meanings embedded in them. we create myths and narratives of our lives.

11. Theater of Expression
Allow yourself
Show your genius, charisma and power at 100%
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12. Theater of Reincarnation

You become plastic and flexible. Start transforming on the fly
You will master the emotional swings in performance and the basics of composition